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Coktel Vision was a French Paris-based game developer founded in 1985. The company became widely known after 1993, when it became a subsidiary of Sierra On-Line, which began to sell Coktel Vision's games in the United States. Following Sierra's buyout by Havas Interactive and disappointing sales of its last titles, Coktel Vision was turned into developing only educational games that were only released in Europe. In 2003, Vivendi Universal Games renamed the developer to Coktel Studio and expanded them to being a publishing label as well for publishing kid-friendly titles. In 2005, Mindscape retrieved Coktel from Vivendi Games, and after this, the company became a brand until its parent company ceased operations in 2011.

Coktel Vision

1st Logo (1986-1994)

Visuals: Four red lines are seen in one pack, turned in perspective view, with their tops projecting forward. The words "COKTEL VISION" appear below in 3D effect and the same view, but mirrored - their lower side projects forward.

Variant: On Inca II, the logo pans in from the right on a blue gradient background, and shines at various parts.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A low synth hum, or none.

Availability: Appeared on a lot of well-known quest games by Sierra.

2nd Logo (1995-2000)

Visuals: The word "COKTEL" in a Times New Roman font appears letter-by-letter off the center. The bottom half of the screen is then wiped with red, which wipes to yellow, then back to red. This cycle repeats a few times until the yellow wipes gradually into the center of the red.

Variant: On Adibou games, the logo is still with the gradient reduced to a line below "COKTEL", and appears below an image of a sitting, winking Adibou.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: Six chimes segueing into a synth pad with beeps, ending amid a reverse cymbal crash in a flourish with more chimes.

Availability: Appears on the French version of Adibou 2 and Adi.

3rd Logo (2000-2004)

Visuals: On a black background, a blue box appears with a green hilltop inside, lighted from behind. A green tree grows from the top and expands into a yellow spiral crown, which draws itself in. Then, the word "COKTEL" fades below in perspective and pans to a straight view. The light then disappears, renderong the logo in 2D.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: An eight-note ascending tune played with harp and flute, that ends with a chime when the word shines.

Audio Variant: On Adibou & Paziral's Secret, there is a quiet piano composition which rises at the progress.

Availability: Appeared on Adibou and Adiboud'chou CD-ROMs during the early 2000s and Adibou & Paziral's Secret for PlayStation. This game can hardly be found now even in Europe.

Coktel Studio

Logo (September 24, 2004-2009)

Visuals: A blue thread is seen on a white background. The blue Coktel tree figure comes and jumps on the thread. The figure looks different from the previous logo, as it has two "legs" and a single spiral crown. Then it jumps one more time and swirls in the air, becoming a still picture. The word "COKTEL" expands below and "STUDIO" collapses under it.


  • On the PAL PlayStation 2 demos of Crash Twinsanity (Crash Bandicoot Unlimited as the game was known during development) and Spyro: A Hero's Tail, the logo is inverted, still and "STUDIO" is missing. This was used when Vivendi Universal used the Coktel brand as a publishing label for their company. The final versions both have the Vivendi Universal Games logo (or the Sierra Entertainment logo on the Xbox version of Spyro: A Hero's Tail).
  • Later games have the word "STUDIO" omitted.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Sounds of the logo jumping, with an aerial background tune. Ends with loud squeaky sounds.

Availability: Appeared on Adibou and the Energy Thieves and KookaBonga, both of which were only released in Europe. Also appears on the Crash Twinsanity and Spyro: A Hero's Tail PS2 demos in Europe as well. In France, this is available on the latest Adibou games.

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