Coco Pops Granola

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Coco Pops Granola was a variation of the Kellogg's cereal Coco Pops that first launched in 2017. It was discontinued circa 2018.

Bumper (2017)

Visuals: In a jungle at sunrise, Coco the Monkey jumps into the air in slow motion with a bag of Coco Pops Granola in hand. There is a cheerful expression on his face as he does so, his cap rises into the air, and the granola itself can be seen spilling out of the bag. A copyright notice for Kellogg's is visible on the lower-right corner of the screen. A close-up of the granola appears afterwards; the bag falls downward in slow motion too. Then, the bumper cuts to a much wider shot of the jungle setting, revealing a trampoline, several trees, a grassy field, and massive leaves. Coco jumps back down as his hat falls back onto his head and does a front flip. Afterwards, the bumper cuts to a wooden table with a bowl that contains said granola and milk (which is turning chocolatey). Coco grabs a spoon on the table, and almost immediately afterwards, the bumper cuts to another area in the jungle that has the table. Now on the table is the bag of Coco Pops Granola from before, a jug of milk, and a green apple. Coco holds the bowl and spoon, eating some of the granola as "sponsors breakfast on" in orange with a white border fades in. The 2013-present CITV logo fades in next to it.

Technique: A combination of 2D and CGI animation.

Audio: An upbeat soundtrack with a saxophone that plays 4 seconds into the bumper. At the end, a 10-note motif, which is a direct reference to the "We'd rather have a bowl of Coco Pops!" catchphrase used in past Coco Pops commercials. Over it, Coco says "I always wanted to be weightless, floating in space! And then, I'd come back to Earth! New Coco Pops Granola, sponsors breakfast on CITV."

Availability: It was seen before and after shows on CITV in 2017.

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