Clyde Records, Inc.

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Clyde Records, Inc. is the record company founded by musician and comedian Ray Stevens, creator of the hit novelty song "The Streak".

Clyde Records, Inc.

1st Logo (1990s)

Visuals: On a black background, there is a blue marble rectangle with most of the top covered by shadows. Inside, there is a white half-circle (resembling a sun) with two green palm trees, a violet silhouette of a camel and a violet stenciling of an Arabian-style house with "CLYDE" in a violet stylized font and next to it is "RECORDS" (also violet). Below the sun, there is "Clyde Records Inc." in a white Arial font with shadow effects.

Trivia: The camel in the logo is a reference to "Clyde the Camel", a character in Ray Steven's 1962 novelty song "Ahab the Arab".

Technique: A still graphic.

Audio: None.

Availability: Seen on Ray Steven videos, such as Ray Stevens Live!.

2nd Logo (1990s)

Visuals: On a yellow background, there is a black-bordered white circle with two palm trees, sand and a silhouette of a camel. Next to it, there's "CLYDE" in a black-bordered white stylized font with "RECORDS, INC." in a more plain font below. Underneath, there is an address: "1707 Grand Avenue Nashville, Tennessee 37212".

Technique: A still graphic.

Audio: None.

Availability: Can be found on VHS tapes from Ray Stevens.

Clyde Pictures

Logo (September 18, 1995)

Visuals: The logo fades in to a camel standing on top of a sandy hill during nighttime with starry skies in front of a full moon and next to two palm trees. The shadows of the camel and trees can be seen below. The camera then zooms in on the camel which appears with more detail this time, showing hooves, the truffles of fur and its face. As this happens, the camel looks into the camera and yowls at the screen with the camera in its mouth, showing the dangling uvula. After it's done yowling, the screen then quickly eases back and the camel rests in its natural position and the detail goes away. The hill disappears and the moon turns into the Clyde logo like seen above and the text "Clyde Pictures Presents" fades in below. Nine different stars would shine one at a time before fading out.

Technique: Hand-drawn animation for the most part, also the stars shining.

Audio: It begins with a twinkle and a beating of a drum, along with the camel yowling. Then it goes into a brief Egyptian flute tune. Sparkles are heard when the stars shine.

Availability: Appeared on the Ray Stevens movie Get Serious, which can be found on VHS.

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