Cines Unidos

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Cines Unidos is a cinema chain from Venezuela founded in June 13, 1947, being one of the oldest in the country. Currently it operates 21 complexes with more than 174 exhibition rooms.

1st Trailer (2009-early 2010s)

Visuals: The trailer begins with people sitting down in a theater room watching a movie. Then, the screen fades to several extended white shiny lines that slightly move, forming a ring and connecting themselves. When the lines at the top place completely, the camera zooms out to reveal a countdown leader-like shape with a "1" at the center. The logo shines and a glow appears behind it, and it turns into a glowing, spinning Pepsi logo with rings of different forms appearing behind it, the closest ones in plain white dotted style and the farther ones in blue light forms. Then, the same logo appears from below moving towards the center, now with the ring in blue and the insides in yellow and red, along with the text "CINES UNIDOS" below it. Once everything turns to perspective, a glow appears behind the logo, following the same color pattern and rippling slightly.

Technique: Live-action for the beginning; CGI for the rest of the logo.

Audio: Sounds of a film projector and people at the beginning. The rest of the trailer has a dramatic, repeating rhythmic theme.

2nd Trailer (early 2010s-2022)

Visuals: The whole animation of the trailer is based around a Rube Goldberg sequence. It starts with a mechanic arm grabbing a sphere with the Cines Unidos logo printed on it, then diving down to an helix corridor and falling into the power switch of a yellow fan, turning it on. The fan blows tickets with the logo imprint on them as a dark purple filmreel begins to fall down and spin towards a spinning machine, which opens a green mailbox with a yellow hand grabbing a Pepsi cup, bringing it to a filling device. The cup overfills and the rest of the Pepsi falls down to a green plate, with a paper boat moving to the other side. The paper boat activates a Hot Wheels-like track, with a purple car driving to a tall hill and a loop which ends turning at the left. The car gets thrown into a kernel machine, with the popcorn falling from a cone and jumping to a snare drum, jumping between a fire ring and falling on a popcorn box with the Cines Unidos design. A machine with a boot is then activated and a spark then travels through a wire, which activates a descending platform that has the Pepsi sphere logo that then jumps off and shoots it, bringing it to the top of another platform that has the "pepsi" wordmark on it. The Pepsi logo then falls to a descending corridor, and then activates a switch, which brings up the four parts of the Cines Unidos countdown leader logo and merges them into one. A whole take of the whole contraption machine is shown, with a wide stage ring shown near the top-center. The camera zooms towards the logo as spotlights illuminate it, and the background completely turns black, while the text "CINES UNIDOS" fades in below the logo.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: An orchestral theme that changes to different styles, with sounds of the contraption machine and the items heard throughout.