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Cineplex Galaxy Income Fund, the owners of the chain, renamed Cineplex Galaxy LP to Cineplex Entertainment on October 3, 2005. In 2011, Cineplex Galaxy became Cineplex Inc.

1st Logo (2005-2009)

Visuals: The Cineplex logo rotates counter-clockwise into place on the screen, with the Famous Players, Cineplex Odeon, and Galaxy Cinemas logos, ONEX byline and the URL appearing below. The film-reel stops, and the viewer is in a city with buildings made of filmstrips. The camera pans to the "GO BIG" text with searchlights behind it, then the camera moves around till it stops at the "FEATURE PRESENTATION" text flashing into view.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A superhero-like soundtrack with whooshes from traffic and a helicopter.

2nd Logo (2007-2009)

Visuals: In darkness, there is a film reel rolling towards the camera, leaving a trail of film as three spotlights turn on. We then see a slow-motion side view of the film reel, as the camera pans to many stacks of other film reels. The animation returns to its normal speed as the film reel zooms away, bouncing off the floor and heading towards an area filled with popcorn and drink cups. The film reel bounces off the floor again, and it eventually dives through a mountain of popcorn. The logo zooms into the film strip, showing a space background with two blue film strips glowing. The words "COMING SOON" in Bank Gothic appear with a shining effect, and shines twice while rotating. The logo flashes to reveal the Cineplex print logo of the time rotating. The logo flashes again, and the screen zooms back out on a space background with the film reel from earlier, along with a long film strip going through it. The film reel shines brightly, turning the background white and everything else red and in 2D, forming the Scotiabank logo, as the film reel turns into a globe. The text "presented by Scotiabank" wipes in next to it, and many multicoloured letters start flying in, forming Scotiabank's slogan "You're richer than you think."

Trivia: This was the first Cineplex bumper made after they began their partnership with Scotiabank, rebranding some of their theatres into "Scotiabank Theatres" and introducing the Scene loyalty program the same year.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: It starts with the sounds of spotlights turning on, then a funk guitar riff is heard, leading into a rock tune. It ends with the last note being sustained, whooshing effects, and popcorn popping sounds when the letters are flying.

3rd Logo (2009-2012)

Visuals: A screen turns on, revealing it to be an ATM screen with the word "WELCOME", the flashing words "INSERT CARD", and the Scotiabank logo in the corner, along with various other symbols. As it is from the perspective of the inside, the screen is backwards. There is a man inserting a Scotiabank Scene card into the ATM, which causes it to transform into a giant door, much to the amazement of the man. A futuristic flying motorcycle comes out of the door, and the man gets on, puts on a helmet, and revs the engine as the doors open. The screen flashes white, revealing a studio lot with various objects (including a boat, many runners with the Scotiabank symbol on their shirts, a UFO, a hockey team with the Scotiabank logo on their jerseys, a helicopter, and a large safe). We fly into the safe, as the man drives past two martial artists in slow motion. As it returns to normal speed, the man drives onto a city street with palm trees, through a wall with an arch. He looks up and sees a theatre with the Cineplex logo (a different design than the previous two bumpers) and "COMING SOON" on its marquee, along with Scene and Coca-Cola signs on the ground. We go above the marquee to reveal a giant circular object with lights on it, two gray Scotiabank towers, and a screen with "Presented by Scotiabank" on it. The "You're richer than you think." slogan forms in a similar way to the last trailer, except the letters are now in 3D.

Technique: CGI by 4stroke.

Audio: Some computer beeping at the start, followed by mechanical clanging sounds, and an adventurous orchestral fanfare that climaxes at the end. Composed by David Fleury.

4th Logo (2009-2012)

Visuals: On the side of a cliff is lots of mountains, trees, waterfalls, and two castles as a flock of birds fly by. A quick zoom-in through hundreds of blue and green orbs transitions to a sunset sky with a rocky ground, with pyramids, trees, and ancient rock structures, with a scorpion close to us. Then, another transition with orange orbs brings us to an eagle-eyed view of a city street with lots of cars. Some Canadian flags and a Coca-Cola billboard can be seen on the buildings. Brown and yellow orbs change the scene to a futuristic city, with lots of abstractly-designed skyscrapers, a monorail, a bridge, and a river running through the middle. Several crowds of people are seen walking around. A transition with light blue orbs goes to space with Earth slowly spinning and lights shining on the west side of the globe. The golden 3D text "FEATURE PRESENTATION" is seen over the globe, and one more transition with gold and green orbs brings us to a cloud background with the Cineplex logo slowly spinning to face the camera. A byline reading "ONEX A Founding Partner" appears below, and the whole logo flips, changing the text to "ESCAPE WITH US".

Technique: CGI by 4stroke.

Audio: An orchestral fanfare which slowly builds up with each passing scene. Composed by David Fleury.

Audio Variant: There is a version with a different, much calmer fanfare. There are also additional sound effects, and digital scrambling sounds during the transitions.

5th Logo (2012-2014)

Visuals: Inside a theatre, there is a man and a woman carrying a bag of popcorn and a Coca-Cola cup. The man takes out a Scotiabank Scene card and white flares pass through his body. They then walk past a movie poster with a mermaid, and suddenly a huge wave of water comes out of the poster, filling the theatre with water. The floor turns into a sea bed and many fish are seen. The mermaid comes out and puts her hand on his face, then the woman pulls the man away. They walk by a poster with the same hockey team from the 3rd logo, and they come out as the theatre turns into an ice rink. One of the players shoots a puck with the Scotiabank logo on it, and the man catches it. A cardboard movie stand is seen with a knight riding a horse, and a fire-breathing dragon bursts through the wall. The knight comes to life, having burst through the other wall with a castle in the background. The knight charges toward the dragon, and the man looks away, not seeing the dragon being slayed. The knight is seen kissing the woman's hand, and this time the man pulls the woman away. Two doors open, revealing an auditorium with the same Cineplex logo and "COMING SOON" text as the 3rd bumper on the screen. The lights dim, and the same Scotiabank animation from before is seen, but this time, a Scotiabank Scene ScotiaCard and Scene Visa card are seen below.

Technique: CGI by 4stroke.

Audio: 4 piano notes are heard at the beginning, accompanied by electronic sounds. Then, each part has its own section. The underwater scene has a quiet piano theme, followed by a rock theme for the hockey scene, and then a very dramatic orchestral theme for the dragon scene. A three note acoustic guitar tune is heard when the knight kisses the woman's hand. Finally, a synth orchestra theme plays. Composed by David Fleury.

6th Logo (2012-2015)

Visuals: In a black-and-white 1900s environment is the Wright Brothers plane flying to a set of clouds. After a few seconds, the whole film turns to colour inside the clouds, as the aspect ratio widens. A new plane appears, and flies vertically reaching a cloud. We have the same top-down effect and the plane has another new look. The plane then turns into a jet and the film grain fades out. Then, another scene of a cloud appears with a space-like jet flying up. However, when the jet reaches the clouds it becomes a space shuttle and leaves the Earth. It launches to the screen. The screen cuts through the engine of the space shuttle and the shuttle goes up. Then, the space shuttle reaches lightspeed until it becomes a white flash. When this flashes, the screen cuts to a nebula scene with the Cineplex logo and a banner saying "100 Years of Movie Memories". Some asteroids come to the logo. One of the asteroids come from the left transforming the Cineplex logo and the banner to just "ENJOY THE SHOW".

Trivia: This was a centennial logo to commemorate 100 years of the original Famous Players company; however, it remained in use for 3 years.

Technique: CGI by Spy Films.

Audio: A calm tune that grows slowly to a majestic fanfare including the sounds of a plane, a jet and a space shuttle. Composed by BoomBox and Deluxe.

7th Logo (2014-2016)

Visuals: There is a man and woman inside a Scotiabank Theatre walking up to an ATM and inserting a Scotiabank Scene card. Blue lines move around the edges of the slot and buttons. A closeup of the man's face zooms back to reveal that he is skiing down a mountain. He appears to be holding a futuristic-styled briefcase. We then see the woman jump in on a snowmobile, along with a few other people skiing as well. The camera zooms back to show the edge of a cliff. The man goes right into the camera, then it shows him as a superhero with the Scotiabank logo on his suit. He flies over many buildings, and the CN Tower can be seen in a few shots. A large meteor is seen heading toward the man. He looks down to see a crowd of people, as well as a hockey rink below. The man extends his fist out, and as soon as he crashes into the meteor, he becomes a fisherman on a boat in a storm. A large wave crashes down on the boat, and the man is seen with the woman next to him inside an auditorium, alongside many other people. The Cineplex logo and the 3D silver words "COMING SOON" are on the screen. The Scotiabank animation from the previous "Coming Soon" bumpers are seen, but now the Scotiabank logo is in 3D, the "You're richer than you think." text is in a different font and less extruded than before, and the two cards from the 5th logo fly in from the left and right sides and land on the screen.

Technique: CGI by TOPIX and NoEmotion.

Audio: A ding followed by electronic sounds when the ATM is seen, and then a dramatic fanfare with three different sections is heard. A six note xylophone jingle plays on the "COMING SOON" screen. Composed by David Fleury.

8th Logo (April 16, 2016-)


Visuals: This set of bumpers revolve around an an army in the form of popcorn, and their leader Colonel Kernel. After the main animation, the bumper ends with the following:

  • 2016-2019: On a gray background with two light flares on the side is the zooming 3D words "COMING SOON" and the Cineplex logo below. A small flash transitions to the "Presented by Scotiabank" logo, with the "You're richer than you think." slogan back to its old font, but is entirely 2D. There is three Scotiabank Scene cards jump in, and the piece of popcorn with sunglasses from the "Mission" bumper gasps and faints.
  • 2019-2022: On a different gray background, the text "Earn FREE movies faster with Scotiabank." is seen. Below it, two pieces of popcorn carry a redesigned Scotiabank Scene card and puts it down next to a gray card. "SCENE™® Debit® Card" and "SCENE™® Visa® Card" fade in under their respective cards. The text in the middle fades out, and a new Scotiabank logo without the symbol draws in, with multiple colours drawing in, and ending on red. The text "You're richer than you think®", now in a different font and entirely in black, rises word by word. Everything except the Scotiabank logo fades out, the word "presents" rises up, and the same "COMING SOON" text and Cineplex text from before are seen.
  • 2022-: On another different gray background, the text "Earn Scene+ rewards faster with Scotiabank®." is seen in the middle, and below it is a redesigned Scotiabank Scene+ card (the Scene program was renamed to Scene+ after an expansion). Four other cards slide to its left and right, creating a "V" shape. The names of their respective cards are seen below. The same Scotiabank logo animation from the 2019 version plays, and the "COMING SOON" screen is shown, but this time, the text is in 2D, and the slogan "WHERE ESCAPE BEGINS" is seen below the Cineplex logo.


  • The Mission: There is a hand tapping a Scotiabank Scene card onto a terminal. Then we see a popcorn machine, and inside there are some talking popcorn pieces with caps, glasses, and pins with the insignia of the "Space Kernels". Colonel Kernel says "Space Kernels, the fate of our nation rests on your freshly popped shoulders." "Yes sir, Colonel Kernel." says one of the officers. The colonel says "We received a signal from a probe in the far reaches of our known 6." Everyone gasps, and one of the popcorn pieces in the background faints. Colonel Kernel continues; "As you know, this is a one-way movie ticket." Another officer says "Ready for boarding, Colonel Kernel!" The colonel begins to choke up as a popcorn scoop comes in, and the two officers jump on the scoop. He says "Trailer start in T-minus 10 seconds. Good luck!" The scoop goes up and the officers lie down and look at each other and smile. Introduced in 2016, and retired in 2019.
  • Blast Off: The bumper begins the same way as the "Mission" bumper. This time, there is a popcorn bag, and two popcorn astronauts with pins and headsets close their visors. A flight controller says "Kernels, prepare to embark. All systems go." A butter dispenser pours butter onto the popcorn, with one of the astronauts saying "Initiating butter sequence." Two of the officers look at each other with nervousness. The astronaut says "Initiating flavour booster." leading to some candy being poured into the bag. A different controller says "Engaging thruster." Two hands shake the bag, and they lift the bag up, accompanied by rocket sounds. The first controller says "We have liftoff!" and everyone throws their clipboard in the air and cheers. The astronaut sees the cheering popcorn in the popcorn machine and says "Look guys, home!" Introduced in 2016, and retired in 2019.
  • Ticket Rush: Outside, there is a Cineplex Cinemas sign on a theatre. It zooms back to show two parked cars, and Colonel Kernel and 5 other officers charge toward the entrance. He says "Let's move, people! We do not miss previews." Two of the popcorn pieces are carrying Scotiabank Scene cards (with a newer design), and one of them shouts "For the Scene points!", and they do a war cry as the camera zooms back, showing their tiny size. We return to their perspective as they enter the theatre. Two officers lay a card down, and use it a catapult, with one of them jumping on one end, sending the other one flying into the air. Another piece of popcorn jumps over a foot and throws their card into the air, as the flying officer lands on it and flies towards several ticket machines. It lands on one of the terminals. The officer says "Alright, who's getting the snacks?" Introduced in 2019, and retired in 2022.
  • Coffee Shop: The colonel and 4 other officers are seen on a table, reading a receipt for "Pop's Corner." Colonel Kernel clears his throat and says "Well, I only had one bite." The others look at him with disapproval. Another piece of popcorn (known as the Captain) can be heard saying "Colonel! This one's on me!" The colonel can be seen with chocolate and sprinkles around his mouth. The captain, who is on top of a chair with a Scotiabank Scene card, says "Those Scene points are mine!" and skydives off of it, causing the others to look down at him, with the colonel saying "Nice!" The captain flies back up, between salt and pepper shakers, a hand holding a donut, over a mug of coffee, and does a backflip, landing on a terminal. The screen fades to white, and we see the popcorn pieces on top of a theatre seat, with the captain saying "That was pretty cool!" The others are either sleeping, laughing at him, or are indifferent, leading to him grumbling. Introduced in 2019, and retired in 2022.
  • Uncharted Territory: In a jungle is 3 pieces of popcorn walking toward the camera. Colonel Kernel appears and says "OK, we know our mission. Captain, lead the way." The captain appears behind some leaves, saying "Yes sir!" Some rumbling can be heard and then he says "Wait, hear that?" They gasp and look up, seeing giant drops of water. The scene cuts to a produce aisle in a grocery store, revealing that the jungle is actually various vegetables. Returning to their perspective, the captain has a Scotiabank Scene+ card, and throws it at the colonel, saying "Take shelter, I'll go ahead!" The captain and one of the popcorn pieces (known as the Cadet) climb up a mountain of fruits and vegetables, and on the top of a melon, the cadet sees a butter fridge in the store and says "Look, there it is!" "Well done, cadet." says the captain, and the cadet responds with "Thank you, sir." Finally, the captain says "Let's go get the others." and the scene fades to a table with a pile of butter. The captain taps the card onto a terminal, printing a receipt saying "Scene+™ points earned: 214". Colonel Kernel says "Ahh, mission complete." Introduced in 2022.
  • Sandcastle: On a beach is the popcorn army lying on the sand, or throwing a bottle cap around. A sandcastle can be seen in the background. Colonel Kernel says "Ahh, finally. Some (indistinct)." Suddenly, a large shadow appears, and they look up in horror. The colonel yells "Retreat!" as a huge rake comes down. They run away, crossing the moat with a Scotiabank Scene+ card into the sandcastle, and when the rake hits the ground, sand flies everywhere, leaving the cadet (from the previous bumper) dizzy. She sees one of the other officers on top of a pillar, saying "Up here!" She then takes the card, climbs up the wall, and throws it at the officer, using it as a bridge. A golf ball flies in from offscreen, destroying the pillar and sending sand flying again. Inside the castle, the colonel says "Alright there, (indistinct)?" and as the beach is revealed to be a bunker on a golf course, he replies with "Yeah, but maybe next time, we use our Scene+ points to go skiing?". Some of the crew respond with laughter. Introduced in 2022.

Trivia: Two additional bumpers were also created as television commercials: They Can Hear (You Scream In Space) and Alien Emotion.

Technique: CGI by Againstallodds and Milford Animation Studios.

Audio: An orchestral fanfare, depending on the bumper. The 2019 version has Colonel Kernel saying "Earn free movies faster with Scotiabank.", while the 2022 version has an announcer saying "Earn Scene+ rewards for groceries, travel and more with Scotiabank." or "Earn Scene+ rewards for travel, groceries and more with Scotiabank."

9th Logo (2016-2022)

Visuals: The sequence starts by seeing a silver-ish background with a light shining on it. It then reveals several stone circular rings as the camera cuts to a shot of wooden planks covering up the stone, along with several silver balls rolling around. Two more shots of the stripes bending are shown, then the stripes open up to reveal a bright white shine, revealing the classic Cineplex coliseum turning yellow as the camera cuts to rectangles being inserted to make the logo smooth. A bright flash appears and puts the coliseum on a white background as the letters for "CINEPLEX" appears one by one from left to right. The text "See the Big Picture" appears below as the logo becomes slightly less extruded.

Technique: CGI by Elastic.

Audio: A slightly dramatic fanfare, which starts to rise up and and be majestic. Sounds of wood creaking are heard, and clanking sounds are heard when the yellow coliseum appears. When the Cineplex letters appear, sounds of a film reel starting to project are heard, along with 4 xylophone notes at the end. Composed by Vapor.

10th Logo (2023-)

Visuals: On a shimmering blue background similar to the previous bumper is the text "FEATURE PRESENTATION", with "PRESENTATION" larger than "FEATURE", flipping in letter by letter. The text blurs and fades out, and the coliseum in the Cineplex logo is drawn in. The "CINEPLEX" letters flip in, and the text "WHERE ESCAPE BEGINS" appears via a wiping shine effect. The coliseum shines.

Trivia: This is the first Cineplex bumper to use the words "Feature Presentation" since the first bumper.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: An ambient underwater-like string note, followed by rumbling sounds as the Cineplex logo forms.

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