Cinematográfica Inter-Continental S.A.

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Logo (October 18, 1950-February 14, 1957)

Visuals: In the middle of a grey and cloudy background there is an earth globe centered on America. There's a big ring around the globe, covering the northern part of South America, where we can read "CICSA". Above the globe we see this text:


Below the earth globe, at the extreme right of the screen, there's another text:


Variant: Una mujer decente uses the logo inside a frame, which are the opening credits of the film. This logo is also used on Barrio Bajo, but this time the logo fades out, and the opening credits are a city.

Technique: A still, printed image.

Audio: Depends on the film.

  • El lunar de la familia: A short and re-arranged fanfare from the first logo of Filmex.
  • La hija del ministro: A fanfare made with trumpets and violins.
  • La Venganza del Diablo and El Diablo Desaparece: A 14-note fanfare made with a trumpets and a drumroll.
  • Una mujer decente and Barrio bajo: The opening theme of the movie.

Availability: Seen on Una mujer decente, El lunar de la familia, La hija del Ministro, La Venganza del Diablo, El Diablo Desaparece and Barrio Bajo.

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