Cinema Digital Sound

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Cinema Digital Sound was the first digital sound format for theatrical film releases, developed by Eastman Kodak and Optical Radiation Corporation. Its shortcomings, including lack of an analog backup in case of the digital soundtrack's failure, led to its early demise.

Logo (June 15, 1990?-July 10, 1992?)

The only known evidence of this trailer.
The only known evidence of this trailer.

Visuals: All that's known of this trailer is the few frames with a black background with a black/lavender gradient stripe with white text reading "Cinema Digital Sound" in it. Above is "The Following Presentation Will Surround You In", and below is "Six Discrete Channels Of Crystal Clear Digital Sound".

Technique: Unknown, but from the looks of it, it was possibly still, or it had 2D animation.

Audio: Unknown.

Availability: The only solid evidence of this trailer's existence is a picture of someone holding a 70mm strip with a few frames visible and light reflecting off of the strip. It is known to have appeared before screenings of CDS-encoded films. It may still exist in the hands of private collectors. Possibly last seen on Hook.

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