Cine Argentino

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Logo (2007-)

Visuals: The sequence starts with the 2005 Argentina logo (by Guillermo Brea) placed on a white background. Then, the logo fades in to a light, projecting the Argentina flag in a far view. The camera comes close and turns sideways, and reveals that the light comes from a stylized projector with the company's initials. A cyan-colored rounded rectangle appears, and when the projector's light fades out, the text "cine argentino" zooms out word-by-word.


  • Sometimes, the sequence begins already with the flag projection.
  • In its later years, the 2005 Argentina logo is zoomed out, and so is the logo when it finishes animating.
  • Starting in 2018, the 2005 Argentina logo was replaced with its 2018 rebrand. The same thing happened in 2021.
  • At one point, both the Argentina logo and this logo switched places.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A dark, mechanic noise followed by an latin-styled, jazz theme.

Audio Variant: As of 2018, the logo has been silent due to copyright reasons.

Availability: Can be seen on films produced since 2007, such as Corazón de Léon.

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