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Cinépolis is a Mexican cinema chain (owned by Organización Ramirez) founded in 1947. Nowadays, they are one of the biggest cinema chains in the world, with cinemas across Latin America and other countries in the Middle East, Asia and Europe (including the acquistion of Cine Yelmo in Spain, Cinemaxx in Indonesia and Village Cines in Argentina), as well as Luxury cinemas in the United States.

Trailer (Rollercoaster) (1998-2003?)

Opening: Same as the Regal Cinemas opening from 1998-2002, but with the policy being read in Spanish:

"Bienvenidos a Cinépolis
Refrecos y palomitas están disponibles en la dulcería
Agradecemos mantener la sala limpia tirando la basura en su lugar
Asi como guardar silencio durante la función.
Disfrute la función!!!"

The dashboard moves off screen as usual and starts the ride as normal, but with several changes, as we're about to drop the first lift hill through the filmreel, there is no concussions at the first drop, the candy boxes after the filmreel drop are KitKats, the Twizzlers are replaced by Nestle's Crunch, and the popcorn bags are in the 1993 Regal Cinemas Design with the 1994 Cinépolis logo in place of the Regal Cinemas logo with the bag being blue for both of the rising popcorn bags, as we get to the 2nd exit tunnel, it speeds up and the doors opens faster than usual making the sound effects at the outside of the tunnel off-sync. After the rollercoaster car passes by is the golden 1994 Cinépolis logo rotating in from the left, with no Feature Presentation text. The star, formed by five curvy stripes, is shown slightly spinning.

Technique: CGI by SmithGroup Communications, who also made the original Regal Cinemas Rollercoaster trailer.

Audio: Same as the 1993 Regal Cinemas opening, with some modifications using the 2002 popcorn popping audio in place of the 1993 audio. And the female robot voice speaking in Spanish, with the following lines being spoken: "Bienvenidos a Cinépolis", "Refrecos y palomitas están disponibles en la dulcería", "Agradecemos mantener la sala limpia tirando la basura en su lugar", "Asi como guardar silencio durante la función", and "Disfrute la función".

Availability: Extinct.

Legacy: SmithGroup would make an actual original trailer for Cinépolis later on.

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