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1st Logo (January 1955-1968)

Visuals: There is a group of pigeons around a fountain at Trafalgar Square. The "A CFF Production" wordmark zooms in while being superimposed. The pigeons then fly away.

Variant: A filmed version with a colorized variant of this logo exists, but in colorized and a slightly different setting.

Technique: Live-action, with zooming effects for the text.

Audio: Typical ringing of church bells.

Availability: Seen on Cup Fever, The Adventures of Hal 5 and others. The colorized version is seen on The Last Rhino, which can be viewed on Internet Archive.

2nd Logo (February 1968-1975)

Visuals: It's a similar concept to the previous logo, except in colour and in a slightly different setting. A superimposed CFTF logo (which consists of a black globe outline with the letters "CFTF" in a wide serif font placed on a blue square with an orange "shadow") zooms in to the point where it occupies a good portion of the screen. "PRESENTS" in a different serif font fades in. The birds in the setting, who are quite startled, almost appear to fly away from the logo.

Technique: Live-action, combined with 2D animation.

Variant: An earlier variant of this logo has the text "A C F F PRODUCTION" zooming in instead.

Audio: Same as the last logo, but the birds flying produces sound this time.

Availability: It was seen on Hijack, The Magnificent Six and a Half, and others.

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