Cartoon Network International IDs

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Cartoon Network (commonly abbreviated as CN) is a British pay television channel aimed at children which airs animated programming targeting children aged 7 to 15. It is run by AT&T's WarnerMedia under its International division. The channel initially launched on 17 September 1993 as a larger pan-European feed, serving the UK market along with Western and Northern Europe. Many other international versions were launched through the years, but its first actual international feeds are the Latin American and Brazilian feeds. In 1999, Cartoon Network further nationalized its British feed by adding different language tracks to certain programs. On 15 October of that year, the British arm of the feed was split off.


Checkerboard Party (1995?-2004)

Visuals: On a checkerboard room is many blocks from the Cartoon Network logo bounce around the room. They keep on bouncing until the "NETWORK" letters line up on the center, in which the "CARTOON" letters falls on top of it.

Variant: A variant used as a filler ident exists, in which the ident reverses when its finished, and then repeats the ID after it.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: The sounds of children laughing, and a bang noise.

Audio Variant: The filler variant uses the song "The Hood" by Steve Everitt.

Availability: Was used as both a normal ident and a filler ident.

2nd ID (2000s-2012)

Visuals: On a white background, there is a creature with red skin and big eyes (Looks like a rabbid but with no ears) nicknamed Fraidy shake a magic wand at a magic hat. Another creature of the same design, nicknamed Fraidy's clone, pops out of the hat. Fraidy's clone is holding another magic wand. Fraidy's clone then gives a seductive gaze at Fraidy, Then he shakes his wand at him. Fraidy gasps, and his clone stops shaking the wand. Fraidy then shrinks in this way: His head shrinks while his left eye grows, then the rest of his body follows suit. His body then jerks, as his mouth becomes natural (a la the expression Sonic pulls when he is thrown by Silver at the end of his boss fight in Sonic '06). Fraidy is then thrown into the air, then his eyes fly off his head. He then splats down to the floor and grows 2 more eyes (At this point, he lets go of the hat he his holding) and his arms shrink. He then comes back up, but in a new smaller shape and his eyes merge and join on back to his head. After he shrinks, Fraidy then flaps his arms desperately, and his clone jumps out of the hat and holds it under Fraidy, and he falls into it. Fraidy's clone then steps to the left and does the same thing as Fraidy did, with him being restored to normal size. But the moment before Fraidy's clone shrinks, the camera zooms out and a pair of white fabric curtains with the 2004 Cartoon Network logo (With a different font) on them close.

Technique: CGI By Mindbender.

Audio: A cartoony theme with sounds corresponding to what is going on in the logo.

Availability: It was shown on Cartoon Network UK until 2011 and Cartoon Network Too until 2012.