Canal 9 TVN Señal 2

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Canal 9 was a second station of TVN which began broadcasting in 1987, but closed 3 years later, in 1990, due an unification between this and the primary channel. In the same year it would be replaced by Megavision after being adquired by CIESCA.

Logo (1988?-1989)

Note: The first ID can be seen here.

Visuals: On a blue curve grid surface, a white abstract number "9" with the words "CANAL" in italic appear falling, and later moving to the screen after flipping.

Variant: On a black space with a brown grid sphere which appear below, 3 rectangles containing videos appear from the sphere, moving near the screen below, while the Canal 9 logo in white appear zooming above the sphere.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: A descending synth tune.

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