Canal 9 Bío Bío

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Canal 9 Bío Bío started broadcasting in 1991 as a regional channel from the Bío Bío region (and later the Ñuble region), previously named as Canal 9 Regional, until 2012 when it was renamed to his current name. It is also partially affiliated to CNN Chile and TV+.

1st (known) Logo (2017-2019?)

Visuals: A line appear rising in a blue background, then eventually it "explodes" in many white circles, and then some ripples start appearing, changing the background to red, and later white color. Once the background is fully white, some red and blue lines appear rotating around the center of the screen, leaving some small "explosions". The backgroud ripples again and the Canal 9 Bío Bío finally appear rising in a white circular background, leaving a large shadow that faces the screen. A small explosion appear in the first "B" of the logo.


Audio: A fast piano tune.

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