Canal 2 La Plata

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1st ID (1980-1983)

Visuals: Several squares pop up on a black background to reveal a white background with a strange looking shape. This shape is actually 2 conjoined "2"s made of 3 stripes, and it starts to slowly zoom in. It then stops, taking up almost the entire screen, and a Scanimated star outline flashes and expands over the logo, coloring it blue/red/green. The text "LS 86 Canal 2/La Plata/Argentina" then wipes in below in Century Gothic.

Technique: Camera-controlled computer animation.

Audio: Several synth beeps can be heard throughout the logo, with an female announcer saying "Desde La Plata, capital de la provincia de Buenos Aires, transmite LS 86 TV Canal 2." ("From La Plata, capital of the province of Buenos Aires, broadcasts LS 86 TV Channel 2.").

2nd ID (1983-1986)

Visuals: On a black background, a blue line is drawn on the left side of the screen and an abstract city-scape emerges from it, with the windows represented by three orange lines then flying in under the city and flashing at a point, in which a orange circle representing the sun rises from it. After it rises up, a piece of a digital "2" flies out of the flash and cuts into place in sync with the music. As the last piece flies into place, it glows bright orange and the text "canal" flashes in the top part of the "2", which for some reason disappears. After it disappears, the text "LS 86 TV canal 2 - La Plata - Argentina" appears below the city, sandwiched between 2 two lines.

Technique: Motion-controlled cel animation.

Audio: "2112: Overture" by Rush, followed by an announcer (either an deep-pitched male or an female that sounds robotic) saying the broadcasting info for the channel, ending with one final sting from the said song.

Availability: There is a very slim chance that this can be found on VHS tapes showing commercials from the time period.

Canal 2 La Plata