Canal 21 Chillan

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Logo (2002?-2009?)

Visuals: Several photos of different places (possibly from Chillan) are shown one by one, in a zoom motion. An sketch effect is aplied to these, and also are colored aquamarine or blue before another photo appear. After two photos, the words "Estas viendo..." (or "Te acompaña...") appear in a corner and later disappear. Eventually, one of the photos moves up, revealing another 3 small photos below, and the words "Ñuble en el aire..." appear in the middle of the screen. The screen changes to a blue background with some moving stripes, a blue sphere with the words "CANAL 21" appear, then a effect removes part of the blue tones of the sphere, making the words more clear. The slogan "Ñuble en el aire" appear below.

Trivia: The shown logo at the end was probably only used in the on-air graphics. At the time the channel used another similar logo (the one seen in the corner of the captures).

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: A strange and somewhat depressing synth tune. A male announcer appear saying "Estas viendo (or "Te acompaña") Canal 21. Ñuble en el aire"

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