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CLASA Films Mundiales (Cinematográfica Latino Americana S.A.) was a Mexican film company which was active from the 1930s until the 1990s.

1st Logo (December 31, 1936)

Visuals: There is a dark background. Suddenly we see an image that occupies the full background. This image contains the following 3D text:


Below the 3D structure we see the shield of the company, which contains "C.L.A.S.A", and below it we can see a map of Latin America. On the right side of the image, we can see "PRESENTA". The image is on a grey background.

Technique: Practical effects.

Audio: A typical high school band fanfare made by trumpets.

Availability: Only seen on ¡Vámonos con Pancho Villa!, on YouTube.

2nd Logo (September 11, 1941)

Visuals: Unknown

Technique: Unknown

Audio: Unknown

Availability: Same as the first logo. It can be seen only on El rápido de las 9.15 on YouTube.

3rd Logo (July 22, 1943-February 14, 1946)

Visuals: In front of a dark sky, there is a 3D structure similar to the first two logos, except the text now reads:


Below the structure is the CLASA shield, now somewhat more detailed and with a ribbon reading "FILMS" tied around it. On the right side is the word "Presenta" in white.

Technique: A still, printed image.

Audio: An orchestral fanfare.

Availability: Same as the first logo. It can be in some films like Internado para señoritas or La pajarera on YouTube.

4th Logo (May 23, 1946-January 16, 1948)

Visuals: Unknown

Technique: Traditional animation.

Audio: Unknown

Availability: It can be seen on El pasajero diez mil, Bodas trágicas, Pito Pérez se va de Bracero and El ropavejero. All them can be seen on YouTube.

5th Logo (March 4, 1948-1958?)

Visuals: Against a sky backdrop, the CLASA shield is shown. The company's name appears from the bottom word-by-word in an Art Deco-style font, flying across the screen and disappearing in the sky. The shield zooms in to a closer position, and the word "Presenta" draws itself in a cursive font.

Technique: Practical effects.

Audio: An orchestral fanfare.

Availability: Appeared on the film La ilusión viaja en tranvía (1954), which is available on DVD.

6th Logo (1958?-1970s)

Visuals: Unknown

Technique: Unknown

Audio: Unknown

Availability: Unknown

7th Logo (1993-2000s)

Visuals: Against a black background, film reels roll over a marquee reading "UNA SELECCION DE". The marquee moves to the top left corner of the screen as the company logo appears and moves into place.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: An orchestral fanfare.

Availability: Appeared on several VHS and DVD releases of their films released in Mexico by Condor Media. One example is Anoche soñé contigo.

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