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CC & J Entertainment was an international home video distributor in Indonesia. It was a subsidiary of ASIREVI, one of then-largest Indonesian home video distributors. The company was succeeded by Tower Movie Entertainment in 2001.

Logo (1999-2001)

Visuals: Over the darkened clip art background consisting of media-related items (i.e. a compact disk, a cell phone, a VCR, a TV set, etc.), a multicolored circle flies across the background horizontally and expands into a scrolling, brightened and multicolored version of the same background with ripples and bubbles throughout. A couple of compact discs fly across for several seconds. Then, a couple of monkey heads with a purple top hat gather in the center, until one of them zooms at us, then it stops, making it fill almost the whole screen and the background shatters, revealing the same background as before, only gray tinted, and the rippling black-bordered multicolored circle (behind the monkey head) and banner reading "CC&J" in the Blackletter-esque font. As the ripples end, the word "ENTERTAINMENT" (in the Cooper Black-esque font) underneath blurs in and glows yellow.

Technique: Computer animation.

Audio: A fanfare that sounds like Hawaii Five-O's theme and has a similar tune to The Powerpuff Girls theme, as well as a glass breaking sound.

Availability: Seen on releases by New Line Cinema, Miramax, or any independent-released films from 1999-2001 on VCD's in Indonesia, including Good Will Hunting and Dumb & Dumber.

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