Bungbung Cartoon Garden Home Video

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Bungbung Comic Garden

Logo (1980s?-1990s?)

Visuals: The logo (consisting of a yellow rectangle outline with a dark red fill and blue rectangle atop with two cartoony eye-shapes in the blue part and "붕붕만화동산" below, in the red part) and a light yellow rectangle outline both flip in simultaneously via turning left. Both the logo and rectangle are tipped on an angle. They both turn right-side up and zoom in to reveal just the logo over a zooming starfield. There is a bit of blue flashing in the uncolored part of the "eyes" as well. The logo then zooms out to the bottom right corner, revealing a green rectangle outline on the outside as it does so. Then, the whole logo flies away.

Technique: Simple 2D effects.

Audio: A synthesized cover of part of the theme song to St. Elsewhere.

Availability: Appears on some of the company's earlier releases like The Wizard of Oz (1982).

Bungbung Cartoon Garden Home Video

Logo (1990s?-2000s?)

Visuals: On a black background, a blue-gray rectangle with nearly the same design as before (only now with "붕붕만화동산 홈 비디오" in a rounded square) flips vertically and zooms in toward toward the viewer, taking up the whole screen. After a few seconds, the logo fades out.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: The 8-second version of "Zip & Cindy" composed by Steve Kujala (which was infamously used in a handful of Dingo Pictures titles), albeit with the first second cut off.

Availability: Appears on some of the company's later releases like Hey! Bumbo.

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