Bob Booker Productions

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This is the production company of Bob Booker.

1st Logo (January 10, 1984?-1985)

Visuals: There is two men wearing western outfits, one wearing red, one wearing blue. The left prepares to hit the gong with his mallet, but ends up hitting the right one's groin instead. Two abstract, diagonal B's flip in, along with the company name below, with a line on top.

Technique: Live-action, accompanied by the logo flipping in.

Audio: The show's closing theme, followed by the sound of a man getting hurt in the groin, and ending in a gong bang.

Availability: This logo was used on Foul-Ups, Bleeps & Blunders on ABC.

Legacy: This is, by far, one of the rarest TV logos of the 80s.

2nd Logo (September 17, 1987-May 25, 1991)

Visuals: Against a starry space background, two hands come in from each side of the screen and touch the tips of their index fingers together, creating a pink-purple spark between them. The hands then leave, and a gray globe with a diagonal ring around it zooms in from the spark. The stacked company name in purple, with "B" and "R" in "BOOKER" bigger than the other letters, are imposed on the globe.

Trivia: This logo was based on the main title of the series.

Technique: Early CGI.

Audio: A whooshing sound and a twinkling sort of sound or the closing theme.

Availability: This logo was only on the show Out of This World on sydnication.

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