Bo Ho Films Co., Ltd.

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Bo Ho was a satellite company of Golden Harvest and one of three Hong Kong film studios formed by Sammo Hung, who was to produce films under Golden Harvest's distribution from 1980-1992.

1st Logo (January 12-February 22, 1984)

Visuals: It begins with a black starry background and the golden "bH" logo, albeit tilted downwards, which flashes from the further distance. It zooms toward the center of the screen, and it flashes again with its oncoming, colorful outlines in a regular black background. The logo, now facing the audience, zooms to the top-center, and the golden rod English text quickly zooms to the bottom-center. The large, red Chinese text appears before the logo flashes for the last time.

Technique: Camera-controlled animation.

Audio: A timpani roll breaking into a majestic fanfare coupled with glass-like synth laser zaps.

Availability: Only seen on Pom Pom and the trailer for Hocus Pocus.

2nd Logo (October 16, 1985-November 12, 1992)

Visuals: A blue nebula like tunnel glows through the center of space. Then, two metallic bars appear and form the 'BH' logo with a touch of a flash. The Chinese text transitions with laser effects from left to right, and the English text appears at the bottom. While the nebula continues to flow towards the center, the rest of the logo shines in a metallic effect.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A timpani drum breaks the silence, and a cinematic fanfare plays with a mix of synth and loud drums.

Availability: It debuted on 1985's Heart of Dragon, and can be seen on many films throughout the 80's and early '90s.

Legacy: This is quite possibly one of the most recognizable Hong Kong logos.

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