Blitz Film & Video Distribution

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1st Logo (1994-2003)

Visuals: On a black background, two halves of some letters slide in, with the top being a dark blue color, and the bottom part of the text being a bright blue color. After some time, the screen zooms out as the letters begin to form the word "BLITZ" in a bold font, said text is split in half. Once the letters form, a big, bright, blue lens flare along with something of a trail-like thing with a smokey appearance occurs. Immediately after that, there is a different lens flare at the bottom, revealing the text "Film & Video Distribution" in a red, serif font. The top half turns black, and the bottom half of the logo turns white afterwards.


  • There is a variation made for kids' releases through a division called "Blitz Baby"; where the logo animation is the same, except blocks featuring the letters that spell out 'BABY' come up and bounce around until they get to their final places. Then the serif text colored white, comes in.
  • A rare website where the logo is animated differently, the logo goes big and shrinks after when it finishes

Technique: Computer animation.

Audio: The beginning bars of Micheal Jackson's Gone Too Soon, followed by a bang, and a final note.

Availability: Appears on Croatian VHSs and early DVDs of such titles as The Princess Bride and Dirty Dancing.

2nd Logo (2003-)

Visuals: In an area full of orange and blue lighting, the camera flies through parts of letters (and sometimes whole letters themselves) as a bright cyan light gets obstructed by letters. After some time flying through letters, the camera reaches the cyan light, and it fades out to reveal the text: "BLITZ"; with the top half being black, and the bottom half being white. Underneath it, there is the "Film & Video Distribution" text in a red Garamond-like font. The logo shines as the lights in the background slightly move a bit before the logo cuts to black.


  • A 4:3 version exists, only seen on Croatian VHS from the company.
  • On releases from 2011-2012, a copyright notice can be seen on the low-right corner of the screen.
  • Since 2012, the final part got re-animated and now, includes the logo with a shining metallic texture and "Film & Video Distribution" in silver. Also, the logo zooms out after the flash, setting in on a space background with a blue light appearing behind "BLITZ".
    • A 20th Anniversary version exists. In there, the logo is set on the top while the number "20" in a Italic Garamond font zooms out below. The white phrase "godina filmske čarolije" flies from the top and takes place under the "20".

Technique: Computer animation.

Audio: Mechanical sounds, general sounds, humming, and a camera sound. a high quality rip also exists.

Availability: Appears on Croatian DVDs and later VHSs of such titles as The Dark Knight, Taken, The Butterfly Effect, and The Proposal. Also seen on Family-oriented titles such as The Nut Job and its sequel, Space Dogs, Animals United, television shows such as Teletubbies and SimsalaGrimm and specials such as Anchor Bay versions of Snow White and Cinderella.

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