Bill Kenwright Films

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This is a production logo for British film and theater producer Bill Kenwright.

Logo (1991-)

Visuals: A trail of blue sparks twirl around twice in a circular motion (showing both the outline and front of the logo along the way) before exploding to reveal


in Copperplate Gothic font. A miniature soccer ball pops up above the little "I" in "Kenwright", then glows as the music ends.

Trivia: Kenwright is also the chairman of a soccer (football) club, Everton F.C., in England. He was an executive producer for a film about a well-known Everton player.

Technique: A trail of blue sparks and a little soccer ball that glows near the end of the logo.

Audio: Soft chimes when the sparks swirl around the logo followed by a string stinger (akin to the end of a Feature Presentation opener from the 1990's).

Availability: Probably found on films produced specifically by his company.

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