Big Phone Productions

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Big Phone Productions is John Peaslee and Judd Pillot's production company. The name comes from their casting director always referring to executive producers as "the big phones".[1]

Logo (September 17, 1996-March 19, 2002)

Visuals: On a black background is a picture of two men (John Peaslee and Judd Pillot themselves) standing on a big, black phone, with the words "big phone productions" shown below the picture. The screen shakes, showing the same picture but with the men covering their ears.

Trivia: The giant phone was a prop on the Universal Studios lot from the series Land of the Giants. The photo was taken in secret to avoid paying a location fee.[1]

Variant: On the final episode of Something So Right, fire is covering the picture from below.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: A phone ringing sound. NBC airings used a generic theme and voice over during season 1, and CBS airings of Payne used a generic theme ("Welcome Home").

Availability: Seen on Something So Right on NBC on season 1, and on ABC on season 2 and re-aired on USA Network in re-runs. It was also seen on The Random Years, Payne and the failed pilot of True Love.


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