Big Dog Productions

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This is the production company of comedian/talk show host Jay Leno. Until 1992, the company didn't use a logo.

Logo (May 25, 1992-February 6, 2014)

Visuals: On a blue background is a weird-looking caricature of Jay Leno (which is supposed to be a dog) drawn in white with the word "BIG" to Jay's left drawn in a white vertical font, and "DOG" to his right, also drawn in a white vertical font. Below Jay is the words "PRODUCTIONS INC." and below that, "in association with," both in white. After this logo, whatever logo NBC's production division is using at the moment appears with a copyright stamp below the logo.

Trivia: The caricature first appeared as the logo for the 1986 special The Jay Leno Show, and the logo also featured Jay Leno's signature. The logo for the 1987 special Jay Leno's Family Comedy Hour also featured the caricature.


  • On early episodes of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, "PRODUCTIONS, INC." appears in a white rectangle and the caricature is closer to the screen. The background is also navy-blue.
  • By 1993, the color changed to a lighter blue, but the logo still has "PRODUCTIONS INC." in a slightly larger rectangle. A copyright stamp is known to have appeared on 1993 episodes.
  • A later variant has a copyright notice for NBC Studios below "in association with".
  • Some episodes from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno from 2003 to 2005 have this in a split-screen format on the right side of the screen. The font for "PRODUCTIONS INC." is also different.
    • 2004-2005 episodes would have the border of the split-screen format diagonal rather than vertical.

Technique: A still, computerized graphic.

Audio: The ending theme of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno plays over the logo.

Availability: It was seen on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. This logo did not appear on Jay's 2009-2010 primetime series The Jay Leno Show, though Big Dog Productions produced the show.

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