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Belarusfilm is the main film studio in the Republic of Belarus, and now the most prolific among other national film studios of former USSR. Founded in 1924 as "Soviet Belarus". Interrupted by World War II, its film production was restarted in 1946, and renamed to current name that year and presented the first logo.

1st Logo (1930's)

Visuals: Not actually the logo, just the name "СОВЕТСКАЯ БЕЛАРУСЬ" with the production year below..

Technique: A still, printed image.

Audio: Beginning of the film.

Availability: Unknown. [Examples?]

2nd Logo (1940's, 1964-1966)

Visuals: The name "Беларусьфильм", designed in handwritten style, is seen.

Technique: A still, printed image.

Audio: None.

Availability: Appeared as a prototype in late 40's with some strong resemblance to the next logo. Briefly used in 1960's among the next logo.

3rd Logo (1947-December 17, 2009)

Visuals: The name "Белорусьфильм" is seen, looking like it's made out of filmstrip. Some production notes appear overhead and the year below.

Variants: The logo passed through minor changes during the years.

  • The name was tilted until the end of 60's. During the same years in was translated to Belorussian language, resulting in a single letter change (o to a).
  • The name had their filmstrip more pronounced in 50's.
  • In 1980's the year below vanished, and accompanied text were not seen often.

Technique: A still, printed image.

Audio: None or the opening theme.

Availability: Saved on a lot of Soviet films and preserved whenever they are rerun. It was also seen on Pastorale.

4th Logo (2008-)

Visuals: On a running filmstrip background, the camera moves around the complicated insides of a working film projector. Then the projector itself comes into view, made of shining metal and with the name on its side, reading "БЕЛАРУСЬФИЛЬМ" in the modified version of the original font, 3D and silvery white. Background is dark blue and a filmstrip unfolds below the name.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A triumphant fanfare.

Availability: Unknown.

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