BCC Cinemas

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Trailer (2014-)

Visuals: The sequence starts off on a black background, with a yellow circle. It turns red as a blue one appears (the yellow is on the side). The blue one turns green and a purple one appears. They all zoom in and change positions. A yellow hole forms and it changes to what looks like a bullseye (a la Looney Tunes) and a swirl appears in the middle. The camera turns as the swirl flies away, leaving a yellow trail. Then, more appear and the background turns dark red. A yellow vortex forms and we go through it. Several balls fly through as well. The letters "bcc" appear in black, and the red ball goes to the b, the white one to the first c, and the blue one to the second c. A white border appears and has "C I N E M A S" below. The vortex appears to circle out and changes to a rectangle to fit in the border. The vortex changes pure yellow as the logo turns 2D.

Technique: Extraordinary CGI.

Audio: Three quiet piano notes, followed by a synth rise and then an uprising fanfare. Sounds corresponding to the animation can also be heard.

Availability: Seen before movies in BCC theatres in Australia.