Avanti Ciné-Vidéo

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Avanti Ciné-Vidéo was established in 1989 in Montreal by Luc Wiseman. Until 1996, no closing logo was used.

1st Logo (1989-December 1995)

Visuals: On the end credits, there is the Avanti logo like this:


(the "i" of "avanti" has a star instead of a dot. There's also a star in between the logo). There is also a copyright stamp underneath.

Variant: In some shows, we just see the copyright stamp.

Technique: A still, computerized graphic.

Audio: The ending theme of the show.

Availability: Seen on old shows from Avanti (no longer seen now).

2nd logo (January 1996-)

Visuals: Over a brown background, the logo starts with sparks rolling. Then they reveal the word "AVANTi". A shower of light passes through the words and stops at the letter "i" to shine right there. The words then light up, and a line draws under it with "Ciné Vidéo" at the bottom (with a star in between).

Variant: On November of 2007, there were some changes. So, the background is now black and we see a part of the "AVANTI" animation as its zooms out into view.

Technique: CGI with flashing effects.

Audio: A triumphant chord with glittering for the sparks, a two note piano tune for the letter "i" shining and a waving sound for the drawing line.

Availability: The early version is seen on any show produced by Avanti from January 1996 to November 2007. The current version is seen on many new programs just like the 400th Anniversary Special from Quebec City.

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