Atlantis Film

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Logo (October 12, 1984)

Visuals: On a black background, the text "ATLANTIS FILM" is shown in a 3D-like perspective form with the word "FILMS" being in front of the word "ATLANTIS". The sides of the characters from the text appears to be turquoise. The camera slowly zooms into the text, then to the top right corner up to the point where the text is now off-screen. After that, the word "presenterer" in a stylized font appears and slowly zooms in, which shortly fades to darkness.

Technique: Camera-controlled animation and 2D computer effects.

Audio: A bunch of ear-piercing squeaking sounds.

Audio Variant: On a soviet-russian print of the film the logo was featured, the squeaking noises were at a lower volume and an announcer was added, saying the company name and "Presenterer".

Availability: This was seen on the Danish animated film Samson and Sally.

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