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1st Logo (1980s)

Visuals: There is an ocean with waves wading in at noon. Then the footage cuts to large waves crashing in and splashing as the golden logo fades in. This logo on the left has a film reel, next to it is the words "ATLANTIC VIDEO AB" set in Helvetica. The background footage then changes to the gold, fiery, tornado-like vortex. Throughout its duration, a solid red, luma-keyed (which is similar to chroma keying, but for luminance) version of the footage is superimposed on the original footage and delayed by 4 seconds. Now the red footage freezes as the yellow vortex in the background turns blue. Now they fade out.

Technique: Cartoonish animation, and the logo fading in and out.

Audio: Synth pop music plays with waves crashing.

Availability: Seen on Berusad av stalar.

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