Atari Interactive (Hasbro Interactive)/Logo Variations

From the Audiovisual Identity Database, the motion graphics museum

Missile Command (1999): The logo without the rounded box fades on the bottom right during the opening cutscene.

Pong: The Next Level (1999): The sequence starts on a CGI game of Pong, with 2 gray paddles swatting a gray square ball. We shift to the paddles in close-up, as each of them bends and returns the ball, before forming the Atari logo with the rounded box. The logo zooms into the middle line of the logo, transitioning into a variant of the Supersonic logo.

On the demo, it is the same as the full game, but the background eventually turns red and the tripod appears without the rounded box and in gold. The ATARI text appears from the bottom and then shines.

Breakout (2000): The entire logo sequence is rendered using the game's engine. The logo first appears on a speaker, which the camera then zooms out to a flipper DJ. The Supersonic logo appears on the DJ booth and then the camera pans to Bouncer and Daisy lying on a towel with the Atari logo printed onto it. As the whole sequence is rendered using the game's engine, it also appears on the main menu and in the opening cutscene.
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