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ATV is the first Hong Kong television station founded in 1957 as Rediffusion Television, In 1982 it then renamed to ATV (Asia Television). The station was shut down in 2015 and returned airing with OTT services in 2017.

ID (1982-1989)

Visuals: There is a Hong Kong skyline at night (similar to Downtown Orlando and Shanghai cityscape) footage, It then zooms out to see the space background and the star moving forward. On a space background, there is a print version of the globe (similar to Universal Studios and Interglobal Home Video 2nd logo) containing a map of Asia Pacific and China map, and the stars then take place on the globe, and the golden circle are drawn in a star shining, which are thinner, and then a bold circle, which follows to the logo. A sparks then appear, which then a red circle and golden star outline appears inside the globe forming the ATV 1982 logo, and then zooms out to make room for the company name. The golden shadowed trails appears, which we see the Chinese or English "ATV" zooms out below, and the trailing effect then "disappear".


  • The English version has the "ATV" below the logo.
  • The 1984 long version used a footage compilation of the ATV clips, an ATV dramas actor/actress and newscasts.

Technique: Chyron and trail effects.


  • A 3-note guitar and synth tune, 6-note tune is heard and the 8-note is held then 3-note get held it, and the male speaking "ATV" or in Chinese language.
  • The ATV World version has a male singing and a choir after the logo forming, then a male speaking in English "ATV" or "ATV presents...".
  • The station ID variant used a guitar and piano synth theme tune, and the male singing in Chinese, and the synth warbling are heard at the end with the saxophone note is heard.

Availability: Used as a station ID from the time, so local programming won't have this.

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