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Arcade Pictures was the home video label of the Dutch music company, Arcade, founded in 1995 after CNR Video, owned by Arcade subsidiary CNR Records, was rebranded to reflect Arcade expanding into a conglomerate and was briefly bought out by Dutch publisher Wegener the same year. The company was also briefly named Arcade Film & Video in 1995 as well. The company went defunct after Arcade was reverse-taken over by CNR Records in 2001, though the label returned after about a decade. It currently exists as a digital brand for CNR Records.

Logo (1995-2001)

Visuals: On a black background, orange flames start to rise within a translucent "A" within a circle as it zooms in. As the flames start to fill out the rest of the logo, "ARCADE" then flashes in below with a bluish-tint white flash, in its wide-looking, white corporate font. This is followed by "PICTURES" in the same font, but smaller, flashing in below, and the flames continue to flicker before starting to die down, and then fade out. The text follows suit.

Technique: Live-action and cel animation.

Audio: A dark synth theme, with two bangs as the text appears.

Availability: It can be found on Dutch copies of several horror movies, like Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, Army of Darkness, among others. Its possible that the company released films under this name.

CNR Video
Arcade Pictures
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