Angelika Film Center

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The Angelika Film Center is an American movie theater chain. Its flapship location, the Angelika Film Center & Cafe, is located in New York City.

Trailer (2000's?-)

Visuals: On a black background, five vertical pieces of a blue man wearing a wing headset randomly appear. The screen either consists of one/two at a time or all at once. Throughout this sequence, different variations of the pieces are shown, which includes color correction, pixelation, resizing, or a different art style (e.g. neon). After all of this, th five pieces crossfade to the finished version of the man. It zooms out and moves slightly closer to the screen after done zooming. Underneath, "ANGELIKA" in an Art Deco font wipes in from the top and a blue bar is drawn below it. Then, "FILM CENTER" in the same font as the previous text appears through the same transition. Lastly, the company's website link fades in below.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: There are four tapping sounds. Afterwards, a funky electronic pop soundtrack plays, ending with a long whoosh when the logo zooms out.

Availability: Currently used in six locations across the United States.

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