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Logo (1987-)


  • 1987-1990's: On a black background, a oval-shaped medallion is seen in the middle of the screen the screen. In it, an illustration with a torch is seen, and a book with a large "A" on it overlays it, The year "1987" is also in-between the torch. Below the medallion, the text "AMBROSE VIDEO PUBLISHING" is seen in a bold serif font, while the text "INCORPORATED" is seen in a Brush Stroke font.
  • 1990's-2006?: On a black background, the medallion, now inverted in color and poorly redrawn, is seen flipping towards the screen. As the medallion settles and zooms out, the text "AMBROSE VIDEO" zoom in one-by-one below the emblem. The torch then fills with a red-yellow gradient for the flame bit.
  • 2006?-: On a black background, the torch is seen inside of the oval, which is now digitally recreated and has shine and shadow effects, with fire stock footage coming out of the flame. As it fades in, the book and "A" on the book come in from both sides of the oval, flipping multiple times as they move about. The 2 pieces then meet in the center, causing the flames to fade out and the logo to shine. After it shines, it flips one full time as it moves up, giving room to have "AMBROSE VIDEO" to grow in place.


  • 1987-1990's: A still, printed image.
  • 1990's-2006?: 2D computer animation.
  • 2006?-: CGI.


  • 1987-1990's: None.
  • 1990's-2006?: A futuristic-sounding synth noise with a whoosh playing underneath it. The sound of flames can be heard when the torch changes color.
  • 2006?-: A descending piano tune is heard before a whoosh plays. It then ends with a held-out trumpet note and a 2-note horn tune.

Availability: It's seen on educational videos released by the company, some of which are available on their website. The 1st version was seen on La Familia Y Los Amigos, the 2nd version was seen on a VHS tape of Great Artists: Rubens, and the 3rd version was on a DVD called Global Warming: Science and Solutions.

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