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This was the vanity card of Al Howard, the creator of the game shows $ale of the Century, Supermarket Sweep, and Arrisa con Todo con Kmart. The former two shows are currently owned by Fremantle.

Logo (February 5, 1990-June 16, 1995, April 3, 2000-May 23, 2003, February 7-August 13, 2011)

Visuals: On the closing credits, there is "AL" on top, with a box and a shopping cart (like the shopping cart on the 1993-2003 Supermarket Sweep logo), "HOWARD" appears under "AL", and "PRODUCTIONS" appears below "HOWARD". The copyright notice appeared below a second after the logo appeared. It appeared like this:



(C) (year in roman numerals) AL HOWARD PRODUCTIONS

The "AL" and "HOWARD" are in a bold "Kabel" font and "PRODUCTIONS" is in a thinner version of said font. In the early years, the logo was slightly higher, and there was no copyright info.

Variant: On Arrasa con Todo con Kmart, the logo is superimposed on the bottom of the screen and has no copyright information.

Technique: A chyroned computerized graphic.

Audio: The ending theme of Supermarket Sweep plays as well as "This is Johnny Gilbert/Randy West speaking for Supermarket Sweep. Supermarket Sweep has been an Al Howard Production".

Audio Variant: Sometimes, the "speaking" part of Johnny's/Randy's signoff wasn't said, thereby rendering it as "This is Johnny Gilbert/Randy West for Supermarket Sweep," with Al Howard credited as normal.

Availability: The main version was only seen on the Lifetime/PAX incarnation of Supermarket Sweep, which currently reruns on Buzzr. Also seen on episodes of said show on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. The variant only appeared on Arrasa con Todo con Kmart.

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