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In 1993, Ajinomoto held a lottery contest involving their mayonnaise products. Those who won the contest were given a game called Motoko-chan no Wonder Kitchen as a prize, of which Ajinomoto was possibly involved in the development.

Logo (September 1993)

Visuals: Fading in to a white background, a red isosceles triangle pointing to the right is seen on the left side of the screen. After a second, the text "AJINOMOTO" twirls in one-by-one in the corporate font, forming the 1986-1999 logo. A registered trademark symbol also fades in on the bottom right of the logo.

Trivia: This is basically a 16-bit version of Ajinomoto's then-current commercial tag.

Technique: 16-bit sprite animation.

Audio: A bit-crushed version of the 1986-1999 commercial tag theme.

Availability: Seen only on Motoko-chan no Wonder Kitchen. Only 10,000-18,000 copies exist of the game, but is relatively common on the Japanese second-hand market.

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