Acclaim Studios Cheltenham/Logo Variations

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These are the the logo variations seen throughout the years by Acclaim Studios Cheltenham.

Crazy Taxi (2001-2002, PlayStation 2 and GameCube versions):

  • The Acclaim logo with a taxi texture on "Acclaim" drives in from the right to the left, then drives back to the right faster and making crashing sounds as a woman screams, then drives in and makes a stop to the center. As it finishes, "CHELTENHAM" appears zooming out letter-by-letter with each letter inside a blue grunge rectangle and under the logo. The squares blur away a second later and then the logo turns into normal and "CHELTENHAM" fades out.
    • On the GameCube version, the beeping at the end is not heard.

XGIII - Extreme-G Racing (2001-2002):

  • A black Acclaim logo stands on an icy surface. Then several pod racers rush into the action and pass the border, coloring the rainbow arrow. "Cheltenham" appears under the logo and the background changes to white.

18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker (2001-2002, PlayStation 2 and GameCube versions):

  • There is a huge close-up of a wheel which later speeds in reverse. Then different shots of it are shown as the wheel goes faster. Then it slows down and finally makes a stop, revealing the Acclaim logo in plain white with the words "MADE IN CHELTENHAM" with a rectangular outline around "CHELTENHAM". Then everything fades out except for the Acclaim logo, which then turns into normal and the arrow-line's color fades in.

Dekar 2: The World's Ultimate Rally (2003):

  • On a sand background, after the copyright information fades out, wind blows the sand off to reveal the logo. Then the camera rotates as the logo turns into the regular Acclaim logo and the background turns black before fading out.

Alias (2004):

  • The Acclaim logo in a golden tint appears clipped to the document background from the game. Under it are the words "Acclaim Studios Cheltenham" with "Presents" underneath. Below that is a copyright date.
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