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Logo (January 8, 2004)

Visuals: On a sandy background with a white light in the center, a stretched, blurry brown object fades in and then focuses into view as a sunburst shape appears behind it in a lighter brown color, spinning as it does. As the objects become focused, the brown object is revealed to be a muscular human figure that has his arms bound, and a upside down brown V-shape folds in and the sunburst stops spinning. Below it, the text "A PLUS PICTURES" appears via a focus effect like the rest of the text, along with a brown piece of filmstrip below the man's feet. The text consists of a "A" that heavily resembles the Attraction Film logo, "PLUS" in a angular font, and "PICTURES" in a squashed serif font, along with the cream yellow-filled/brown-outlined Chinese character "" forming the crossbar of the "A". A larger version of the "" character slides in from the right with motion blur effects and, below it, the Chinese characters "一優映畫" appear one by one in a thin font below the text, each in a square that switches the brown and sand yellow colors of them with each square. The logo then cuts to black.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: The sounds of a film camera rolling start off the logo. A shining sound plays when the logo focuses in, followed by a louder one with a whoosh blended in when the "一" slides in. A bang then is heard as 4 xylophone notes play out for the squares popping up and, finally, ends with a ominous droning noise that continues after the logo disappears.

Availability: Seen only on A Wedding Or A Funeral.

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