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Criteria for Deletion


This page outlines the different levels of deletion requests, reasons to tag a page for deletion and how to go about doing so.

Deletion Templates

Use {{Delete|reason}} if you think a page should be deleted. This allows editors to discuss the issue on a thread or the article's talk page. If a page obviously needs to be deleted (e.g. blatant spam/vandalism, extremely inappropriate content or uncontroversial removal of duplicate/typo titles and unwanted redirects), use {{SpeedyDelete|reason}}.



Incorrect title

Used if a name is incorrect or contains a typo.

Type {{Delete|Wrong title}}

Inappropriate Title

Used if a page's title is offensive or extremely inappropriate. Pages of this nature should be nominated immediately for Speedy Deletion.

Type {{SpeedyDelete|Inappropriate title}}

Technical Deletion

Used for general, uncontroversial maintenance such as cleanup of unwanted redirects or empty categories.

Type {{Delete|Technical deletion}}


Used if a page is created that already exists. When marking a page as a duplicate, please link to the duplicated page in your deletion reason for reference by the reviewing administrator, as sometimes it may be preferable to convert the page to a redirect or merge the two pages if one is more developed or has wider scope than the other.

Type {{Delete|duplicate of [[Page]]}}


Page vandalism can involve fake logos or generally disruptive pages.

Type {{Delete|Fake logo}}, {{Delete|disruptive page}}, {{Delete|Vandalism}}, {{SpeedyDelete|vandalism}}

If you believe a particular logo or capture on a page may be fake and wish to discuss it, flag it with: {{PossibleFake}}


Used for pages that have nothing to do with AVID.

Type {{Delete|Nothing to do with AVID}}


Used for articles about a non-notable subject.

Type {{Delete|Not notable}} or {{SpeedyDelete|Not notable}} on the page.

Used for pages about parody logos. Such parodies, if notable, should be added to Logos in Popular Culture.

Type {{Delete|Parody logo}} on the page.


Used for logos that are an imaginary, fake or fanon/dream logo.

Type {{Delete|Fake logo}} or {{Delete|Fanon/dream logo}} on the page.

Irrelevant image

Used for images not related to logos, AVID or the functionality of a template.
Note: Non-logo images for user pages are allowed. Such images should be tagged with {{ImageForProfile}} so that other editors know they are exempt from this criteria and should not be marked for deletion.

Type {{Delete|Irrelevant Image}} or {{SpeedyDelete|Obvious fake logo}} on the page.

Inappropriate Content

Used for extremely inappropriate images, e.g. explicit porn, gore. Such files should be nominated immediately for Speedy Deletion.
Note: Logos with NSFW content such as nudity are allowed, though any page they appear on must be tagged with a content warning.

Type {{SpeedyDelete|Inappropriate content}} on the page.

In-Credit Text

Used for in-credit text images.

Type {{Delete|In-Credit Text}} on the page.


Template can't work

Used for templates that won't work despite all efforts.

Type {{Delete|This template won't work}} or {{Delete|Template won't work}} on the page.

Spam/vandalism template

Used for templates with spam or vandalism.

Type {{Delete|This template contains spam}} on the page.

Revision Deletion (RevDel)


Administrators also have the ability to hide specific revisions of pages. This may be done in the following circumstances:

Highly vulgar or inappropriate content

Revision deletion may be applied in cases where highly vulgar language or images may be inserted. This might include egregious and vulgar personal attacks, serious threats and harassment, use of racial slurs or explicit sexual content. Dangerous/inappropriate external links (e.g. shock sites, pornographic sites, phishing/virus links, attack sites) are also subject to Revision deletion. Similarly, administrators will also delete/hide inappropriate edit summaries.

Personal Information

Private personal information of an editor, such as an address or phone number, being published on wiki in a page or an edit summary will also result in a Revdel for the safety and security of the editor concerned- even if the information is published willingly it might be used for nefarious purposes. In cases like this, the edits may also be referred to Miraheze stewards for Oversight, a stronger form of suppression that blocks the information from even the admins.

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