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We are the Audiovisual Identity Database, an archive for on-screen motion graphic identities. Since 2007, our wiki's purpose has been to document trends, history, and other aspects of this form of visual design, from around the world and spanning numerous decades. We preserve many forms of audiovisual identity, and we have over 15,000 articles in our database.



What kind of audiovisual identity does AVID preserve?

AVID is a collaborative database that archives on-screen logos, vanity cards, idents, bumpers, and other related media such as warning screens, bootscreens and trailer snipes.

Why is this wiki grouped by the method of transmission of the logo and not, for example, by colors or shapes?

AVID is grouped in general by the type of transmission of the logo, if it was designed to be broadcast on TV or displayed on cinema. Then, on every section, the logos are grouped by the parent company (e.g., National Amusements owns Paramount Global), so those logos will be under the banner "National Amusements").

Why do most articles not have the name of the designer?

Many marketing products in the film industry come from old ancient designs executed by anonymous designers who thought it won't be convenient to put their name or signature on the design. Today, the figure of exclusive designer like once were Saul Bass or José Cruz Novillo tends not to exist. Usually are large companies, working in the hundreds, if not thousands, of designers, and who knows if the logo itself was made by the top designer themselves or the third draftsman in the western sector of the company. In these cases, AVID usually include the consultant who designed, given this information is available on the Internet. Others are obscure, and nobody knows for sure who designed them.

Is this wiki family-friendly?

Most of the time, yes. If there is questionable content in our articles, there will be a warning at the top of the page to inform you. In most cases, the content is not censored, but in times where the content is not family-friendly, the content will be hidden behind a spoiler tag.

Is this wiki licensed?

This wiki is protected under the CC-BY-SA license.

Can I contribute to AVID?

Yes! The Audiovisual Identity Database invites anyone interested to register and start contributing!

How do I write articles for this wiki?

We have a comprehensive tutorial, where all questions related to writing and editing pages are answered. This guide includes newcomer-friendly examples, such as easy navigation, Examples, and a link to the MediaWiki Help Guide.

Who manages AVID?

See this page for a full list. AVID is led by a team of bureaucrats, administrators and moderators, who are all responsible for maintaining the wiki and enforcing its policies. Anyone who becomes an administrator was elected for that position via a community vote.

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