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Adding Credits


While we do have page histories as all MediaWiki based sites do, many of our pages have been moved over from the previous iteration of this wiki on Miraheze, the old WikiFoundry/Wetpaint based CLG Wiki and some date even further back to KRS Logos, or even its predecessors such as Eric Hartman’s clogos site. Thus, due to repeated content migrations and platforms going defunct over the years, original attribution information for these pages is not easily available. As a result, the page credits are the main record of the original authors of these pages. Even on pages originating on the current wiki, credits provide a clear form of attribution at a glance without having to sift through page and file histories.

Though you can contribute changes of any scale to a page, including grammatical fixes or tweaking a few words, it's recommended to only add your name to the credits of the page if you have made a major contribution, for example, adding captures or writing descriptions.

How to add

Credits should be added when creating any new page on the wiki. This can be done through the following methods:

Source Editor

1. Add the following wikitext at the very top of the page: {{PageCredits|parameter=names|parameter=names|etc...}}
2. Choose your parameters depending on your needs from the list below, separatating each parameter with this symbol: |

Note: If you start from the "Standard Page" boilerplate, the template will already be inserted for you. Simply add and fill parameters as needed.

Visual Editor

1. Go to Insert > Template and search PageCredits
2. Select a field, then fill it with the appropriate name
3. Repeat for all parameters required
4. Click the insert button at the top of the box to load the template into the page


  • description anyone who wrote most or all of a logo description
  • capture anyone who took the image captures seen on the page
  • video anyone who uploaded a video used on the page
  • edits those who made frequent small edits on a page. If there are many, this section can be ended with "and others"
  • compiled use if one single person worked on a page, or if all the people involved with the page performed all the roles involved.
  • tutorial use if the page is a tutorial.

When you save or preview the page, the credits should show up properly formatted.

An example of this template in use can be seen at the top of this page. In this case, the syntax is as follows:

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