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ABC TV Plus was launched on 7 March 2005 as ABC2, a secondary digital channel for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. From 2011, the ABC Kids block on the main channel was discontinued and preschool content was moved to ABC2, with the new ABC Kids service airing from 6am to 7pm and ABC2 resuming during the night hours. In December 2017, the channel was relaunched as ABC Comedy with a new focus on comedies and stand-up shows. In January 2021, ABC Comedy was rebranded as ABC TV Plus, returning to a general entertainment format as part of cost-cutting measures.

Logo (2017-2020)

Visuals: In a live-action background, there is something comedic happening (which depends on each ident). Three dots appear one by one on the left-side of the screen, and later form the words "COMEDY" in simplistic letters in green, yellow or red, followed by the ABC lissajous symbol drawing in.


  • "Firework": There is a firework going up into the sky and exploding in the background.
  • "Yawning Flower": There is a yellow flower growing up in the grass.
  • "Musical Rotisserie": There is some pieces of roasted chicken being grilled on a rotisserie.
  • "Whooping Inflatable Man": There is an orange inflatable man blowing and moving in the wind.
  • "Reverse-Beeping Crocodile": There is a crocodile slowly walking out of the water. The footage isn't being played forwards... but it's in reverse!
  • "Heavy Metal Pregnancy": There is a child holding her pregnant mum's body.
  • "Telephone-Ringing Man": There is a bearded man yelling angrily, before he later gives us a smile.
  • "Snails": There is two snails attempting to squeeze each other into submission on the grass.
  • "Bobbing Stingray": There is a stingray bobbing in the water at us, with some fish behind it.
  • "Wet-Shaking Baby": There is a baby getting wet by some water being sprayed behind him, while shaking himself dry like a dog.
  • "Hammer and Nail": There is someone's hand placing a nail on a surface, and then using a hammer to push the nail down.
  • "False Sipping": There is a woman using a straw to sip her drink.
  • "Laughing Horse": There is a white horse in a field neighing (or laughing) twice.
  • "Sneezing Lightning": There is a field with lightning striking (and sneezing!) twice as a storm approaches in the distance.
  • "Drum-Rolling Washing Machine": There is clothes in a washing machine. The appliance turns on and spins the laundry around, until it stops. Then it spins backwards, before it stops again, and spins forwards as normal.

Technique: Live-action, with 2D motion graphics inserted in for the logo and the 2D ABC Lissajous logo appearing at the end.

Audio: Each ident has dialogue, music and/or SFX.

ABC Comedy
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