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3rdSense is an Australian game production company well-known for producing both online and download-able flash games, mainly the successful Swords & Sandals franchise, formed in 2001. The company is the one behind the online games site fizzy.com. The company didn't have an animated logo, until Swords & Sandals III: Solo Ultratus came out in 2008.

1st Logo (2008-2012)

Visuals: On a white background, which quickly fades to black, several white fragments come in from all sides of the screen and rotate counter clockwise around once before it stops. All the fragments then come together to form a tilted fingerprints, which glows brightly briefly. The baby blue text "3RDsense", in Microgramma, blurs in and briefly grows and shrinks before settling into place, right as the background turns white and the fingerprint turns baby blue. A URL appears below in the same color, as 2 lines above and below it expand outwards. Everything then shortly blurs out.

Technique: Flash animation.

Audio: A thunder sound, followed by whooshes when the pieces are spinning and about to forming, and a deep (and ominous) whoosh when the texts appear. Depending on your loading time, it may be accompanied by the opening theme of the game.

Availability: First seen on Swords & Sandals III: Solo Ultratus, and possibly other games from 3rdSense during the era.

2nd Logo (2012-)

Visuals: There is a small blue square on a white background. It turns to the right, which forms to an irregular hexagon facing horizontally. Another square appears and forms to an irregular hexagon, only this time, pink. Yet another square appears, but yellow, turns into a smaller irregular hexagon, facing vertically instead of horizontally. The shape combo go to the left as the grey text "3RDSENSE" goes to the right. The text shines before disappearing in a vertical effect.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: The opening theme.

Avaiability: Can be seen on games at the time, such as Swords and Sandals. It can also be seen on said demo on YouTube.

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