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Studio 2V (Studio 2B/Студия 2В) was formed in May 2000 from a merger between the "Video International" Production Center (Продюсерский центр "Видео Интернешнл") and the Keosayan brothers' Gold Vision. The resulting unit was no longer tied to the Video International advertising agency, which would close down in 2016. In 2023, in order to start shifting from television to digital media, the company changed its name to 2V Media (2B Media/2B Медиа).

Studio 2V (Studio 2B)

1st Logo (August 19, 2000-January 22, 2011)

Visuals: Against a blue/golden sky background with dark clouds and spotlights, a teal-colored square with some pixels in the bottom-right hand corner and sprocket holes on the top-right hand corner, resembling a filmstrip, flip into place from the left, followed by a silver teal-outlined "2B". The text "CTYDИЯ" in OCR A Extended font zooms out from the right below "2B". The square quickly loses the sprocket holes and splits into several small squares which fly away, and "2B" rapidly zooms into the screen, causing the "CTYDИЯ" text to disappear and leaving the sky background. The logo then fades out, and the word "представляет" in the same font as the 1998 VI logo fades in.

Technique: CGI animation.

Audio: The music from the 1998 Video International logo.

Availability: Can only be found on recorded Russian shows, with the most particular one being Своя Игра. Although it was officially retired in 2010, this logo continued to appear on Диалоги о животных until January 22, 2011.

2nd Logo (September 19, 2010-March 11, 2023)

Visuals: Many sky blue light streaks form the logo over a blue foggy space background. "2B" appears in light, surrounded by computerized/sci-fi circles, which immediately vanish as the same transparent rectangle is drawn. Another set of light streaks appears and creates the words "СТYДИЯ" in the same font from before below the filmstrip. Then "ПРЕДСТАВЛЯЕТ" in black spaced-out letters reveals itself, evened below over the light. The background continues to flow.

Technique: CGI animation.

Audio: A new crystallized theme starting with a synth pad chords with a synth gurgle (the sound has been reused in "Sunslammer" by Seth Peelle from Homestuck Vol. 5) and seguing to the three fading dings.

Availability: Seen on episodes of Своя Игра (until January 15, 2023), Сто к одному (the Russian version of Family Feud), and a video showcasing show Сам себя режиссёр from the time.

2V Media (2B Media)

Logo (January 21, 2023-)

Visuals: The sequence starts with a close-up of the holed, conjoined "2V" monogram in a gray environment with an expanding rectangle of the floor around the other ones and light blue neon particles everywhere. The screen then cuts to the another shot to reveal the glowing word "MEDIA" over the floor as the rectangle fills the floor to reveal "2V" in full. Finally, the screen cuts to the logo revealed from underneath the expanding floor, which became more solid, and zooming out on a grey background, with neon particles fading away and "2V" shining.

Technique: CGI animation.

Audio: A majestic synth drum tune.

Availability: Seen on newer episodes of Своя Игра and Сто к одному.

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2V Media
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