"Oh That Gus!" Inc.

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"Oh That Gus!" Inc. is Jon Harmon Feldman's production company. According to Feldman, "The joke was I’ll be stuck forever on the worst but longest running show, Oh That Gus! It seems like the name of a character David Leisure might play."[1]

Logo (October 30, 2003-December 6, 2022)

Visuals: Against a black background, a blue blob quickly zooms up to us. Then, the words:



zoom up, one by one, just as quickly. The words are colored white, and are written in a bulged-out font similar to the kind used in the Family Guy logo. The entire logo then quickly zooms out.

Variant: On Monarch, the logo is next to the London Calling, Inc. logo, and starts at the point where the company name is formed.

Technique: 2D Flash animation.

Audio: An upbeat, 1960's-like three-note brass fanfare with a "ding" as the end, which is synced up to the animations of the logo as the words appear. A film projector sound is also heard throughout. Composed by Brian Wankum.

Audio Variants:

  • On No Ordinary Family, the same tune is played on a piano, and the "ding" is replaced with a quiet "thud" at the end. The film projector sound is also removed. This was composed by Josh Kramon.
  • On Monarch, it's silent.
  • Original Fox and ABC airings of the shows used a generic theme.

Availability: Seen on Tru Calling, Reunion, Big Shots, No Ordinary Family and Monarch.


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