Hong Kong South Sea Film Co.

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South Sea Film Co. (南海影業公司) was a Hong Kong film production company.

1st Logo (September 27, 1972)

Visuals: On a footage of waves crashing on rocks, two S's (one mirrored) in white, with three lines below the letters, fade in with the company name arranged like this:

Variants: On international releases, the S's doesn't appear, with just the English text appearing.

Technique: A still, printed image.

Audio: A stock horn fanfare, "Olympic Spirit" by Paul Kuehmstedt, from the Impress library.

Availability: Unknown

Legacy: It looks clearly inspired by the Toei logo.

2nd Logo (1970s)

Visuals: On a different footage of a beach, there is a circle with a stylized "SS" emblem within it, as well as the Chinese and English company name below, all zoom in together.

Technique: Live-action and cel animation.

Audio: Unknown

Availability: Unknown

Legacy: Same as before, perhaps even more so due to the zooming animation.

3rd Logo (1970s)

Visuals: On a red background, there is the emblem from before (without the circle) in gold. The logo zooms out from the emblem, revealing the company name below.

Technique: Camera controlled animation.

Audio: A stock horn fanfare.

Availability: Appears on The Return Of The Shaolin Boxer

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