Pathé/Logo Variations

From the Audiovisual Identity Database, the motion graphics museum
These are the logo variations used throughout the years by Pathé, with more to be added overtime.

The Nest (2002): The logo starts as usual, but a few seconds in, the logo becomes green and bulged.

The Dope (2003): The Pathé Journal intro is used, which precedes a fake newsreel as part of the opening sequence.

Bride and Prejudice (2004): A traditional Indian theme plays instead of the normal music.

Dirty Sanchez: The Movie (2006): At the end, the shadow of scissors are cutting one the threads of the balloon, making the rooster fall.

Eden Lake (2008): The print logo is in silver with two copies. The copies then merge as the logo becomes white.

Centurion (2010): The logo is in a shade of dark teal, and silent. Also seen on the trailers.

Atilla Marcel (2013): The last notes of the theme are played by a music box.

Zoo (2017): The shadow of the rooster is replaced by that of an elephant. The clucking sound of the rooster is also replaced by an elephant trumpeting.

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