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Pacific Theatres is a cinema chain which currently holds eight locations in the metropolitan area of Los Angeles, California. They are owned and operated by the Forman family's Decurion Corporation, which also owns and operates sister chain ArcLight Cinemas. The company went bankrupt in April 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

1st (known) Opening (early 1980s)

Visuals: Unknown

Technique: Cel animation by Cinema Concepts.

Audio: Unknown

2nd Opening (People Pleasing People) (1992-1996)

Visuals: Unknown

Technique: Animated by SmithGroup Communications.

Audio: Unknown

3rd Opening (1996-June 2018)

Visuals: Starts on a black background. A colossal-sized, rotating filmreel fades in and shines. Around the reel, a set of lights grow brighter until it blasts full power. As the reel moves out of focus, searchlights flash into view, forming a projector. A strip of film in glowing orange runs through the projector, causing it to light up as the logo pans directly to the center of the light. The text "PACIFIC THEATRES", filling up the screen, scrolls through from left to right. Cut to black. A booming flash engulfs the screen, revealing a purple-blue gradient light background. Over the background is a clip art rendition of a projector running, the signature logo itself right next to it, shadowed by the background. After 11 seconds, the background fades out and the logo disintegrates.

Variant: There's a short version which starts off at the last part of the logo. At the end, "FEATURE PRESENTATION", in Pacific Theatres' corporate font, appears on a black background.

Technique: CGI by TVArt, Inc.

Audio: There are whooshes throughout the logo. At the beginning a quiet humming sound plays. Echoing clashes follow. Midway through the logo, slow synth notes start playing. As the text pans around the screen a one-note orchestra piece plays with high-pitched "wispy" humming noises in the background. At the final result a loud whoosh and a bang with an 11-second long synth note. At the end we hear another whoosh.

Audio Variants: On the "Feature Presentation" reel, an announcer reads "Thank you for making Pacific Theatres your first choice in movie entertainment. In consideration of others, please refrain from talking." After the logo, another synth note plays.

Availability: Its' 22-year run made it the longest running policy trailer, shown in every Pacific Theatres location, including the Vineland Drive-In in the City of Industry, CA (the only operating drive-in theater in Los Angeles County).

2nd Opening (June 2018-April 12, 2021)

Visuals: Starts with an exterior of huge town center's multiplex cinema filled with streetlights, benches and palm plants in vases in each corners, reads "PACIFIC THEATRES" (in the same font as the previous policy trailer) on the marquee with two left and right white circular lines. Then as it zooms we are entering through the doors and opens into the interior of the multiplex with a poster frame of popcorn and Coca-Cola drink on the left corner. A booming flash of sunlight glows as next doors open and transforms into the beach. Next, we go straight into the beach stairs with two houses, an umbrella with chairs on the left and the arrow sign. Panning down slightly into the sand and ocean between two lifeguard towers and umbrellas, zooming faster into the ocean and the sunset sky. The text "PACIFIC THEATRES" appears underneath the ocean, as the dolphin jump up and splashing through the viewer and seagulls flying at the end.

Variant: There's a short beginning where it starts with the logo and then, the text "COMING SOON" appears. Also, there's another version with "FEATURE PRESENTATION" appearing.

Technique: CGI

Audio: A rising, dramatic orchestra with some splashing, seagull and dolphin sounds.

Availability: While 8 locations were closed on March 17, 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only the Vineland Drive-In remains as it was reopen around June 2020. Pacific owned and operated until April 12, 2021 and suddenly became independent.

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