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Logo (1990's)

Visuals: The sequence begins with a blue-purple gradient background, and the logo, which consists of an ocean with sea and a sun rising up with an island featuring a palm tree and seagulls above with the text "MIAMI STAR" on the sky and the words "DIVISION VIDEO" on the ocean, swoops and zooms in from the left while flipping and remains on-screen for approximately seven seconds before it flies away in the same manner in reverse. The logo then swoops in from the right and remains on-screen for approximately three seconds before abruptly cutting to cabinet doors opening to show animated footage of flamingos flying, a baby getting up and walking, and a satellite flying in space, which is slowed-down footage from Chevron's sponsor trailer from the 1983 National Geographic special, Born of Fire. The gradient background then appears again as the logo swoops in from the left one last time.

Trivia: Cosmos Video's logo uses an animation layout that is almost identical to this logo. Based on a warning screen on a VHS tape released under them (first video), this company may have been a division of them.

Variant: There exists a shorter variant with the logo only swooping in at the beginning before cutting to the Chevron sponsor trailer footage. The warning screen on the VHS also credits the company as "Miami Video Home".

Technique: Primitive computer animation and live-action footage from the Chevron sponsor trailer.

Audio: A snippet of "I Need More of You" by Bob James, which was also used in Cosmos Video.

Audio Variants: The shortened variant uses Spiritual Wonders by Stevie Wonder.

Availability: Available on some adult videos, such as The Erotic Adventures of Heidi.

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