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This was a small amateur film company founded by former dentistry Jorge Norberto Mario, a Super 8 filmmaker, little known for it's documental films, such as the 1971 film Winchester Martin.

Logo (1971-1982?)


  • 1971-1975: On a cornflower blue background is a Reuleaux triangle, with it's rounded sides filled with yellow, with a "M" in it, and from the bottom rounded side is "FILMS". It is shown far away from the distance, till it zooms forwards. Upwards is "PRODUCCIONES" in a white rectangle, which slides out all the way to the middle. It then slowly zooms out, standing towards the logo.
  • 1977: On the same background with the logo, shown far away from the distance till it zooms forwards, the words "PRODUCCIONES" appear by the middle section, going from both sides. The word "PRESENTA" appears in front of "FILMS".

Technique: Motion-controlled animation.

Audio: A high triumphant fanfare. On Federación Futura Atlántida Argentina, a different triumphant fanfare.

Availability: This was preserved in the Super 8 film Winchester Martin, in which it's known to be rare as it's not widely known. Also seen on the 1975 remaster of said film. VHS prints of the said 1971 film exist. Also appeared on the 1977 film Federación Futura Atlántida Argentina.

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